NorCal Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation

There are dogs suffering from cancer all over the world, but you can help save lives by joining your local chapter!

The NorCal Chapter is dedicated to helping dogs in need by offering several ways to raise money. The Vintage Owl located in downtown Benicia, offers a wide variety of items for your home, pets and gifts and a portion of the proceeds from each sale is proudly donated to the NCCF. Unique boutique items may include:

Home Decor



Pet Accessories




Greeting Cards

Bath Products

Chalk Paint & Supplies

Wall Art


Baby Gifts

Kitchen Accessories

and much more!

Their cozy, pet friendly boutique also offers official NCCF merchandise which is a 100% donation and some items are designed to help promote the local area. The list of NCCF items include:


Hoodies (seasonal)

Tank Tops (seasonal)

Baseball Caps & Visors

Memory Bands



The Vintage Owl aka NorCal Chapter participates in all local annual events promoted by Benicia Main Street. This historical waterfront town takes pride in their history and keeps the spirit alive by hosting public events such as:

Wine & Beer Walks

Arts & Craft Fairs

Holiday Parades

Dog Walks

Ghost Town Tours

Historical Property Tours

Weekly Farmers Market

Downtown Shopping Spree

For more information on upcoming downtown events, please visit


NorCal Chapter Coordinator

The Vintage Owl - Owner/Director

NEENO - NorCal Chapter Mascot

NorCal Team Members:

Laurie Anderson, Frankie Anderson, Sue Ferreira, Anita Heath, Zulma Jackson, Mario Chavez, Andrew Atkins, Karen Nunn, Dana Goodman.

The SoCal Chapter also offers different options of raising funds to support this cause. Our new location in San Diego proudly serves the greater Southern Califonia area and is the new home of our SoCal Chapter.

The SoCal Chapter also carrIies our official NCCF merchandise and several are designed to promote the Southern CA region. The following items are a 100% donation and may include:

Hoodies (seasonal)
Tank Tops (seasonal
Baseball Caps & Visors
Memory Bands


The SoCal Chapter participates by setting up their booth at various Southern CA events such as:

Dog Walks

Street Fairs

Various Festivals

Pet Fairs

Pet CPR & Pet First Aid

Holiday Gatherings

City Parades

Pet Stores & more!

Please join our fundraising efforts by participating in our annual dog walks presented by Paws FUR Pink and co-sponsored by the Susan G. Komen foundation.  

SoCal Chapter Coordinator

JAXX - SoCal Chapter Mascot

SoCal Team Members:
Laurie Anderson, Frankie Anderson, Johnny Anderson, Sonny Koya, Andrew Atkins, Mario Chavez, Eddy Espinoza.